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We distribute DuPont Performance Coatings   
With our large inventory of quality products from top names such as 
Dupont Automotive & Industrial Coatings and Nason, 
we can meet all of your painting needs.

ChromaPremier® Basecoat is a high-appearance, fast-drying, isocyanate-activated basecoat that brings a new level of productivity to premium spot, panel and overall repairs. High-hiding ChromaPremier® Basecoat lays down smoothly with trouble-free application and excellent mottle control. It delivers superior appearance in solid, metallic, pearlescent and special-effect ChromaLusion® colors.
An easy-to-use, fast-drying basecoat with good fill. It provides high-quality and high-productivity. ChromaBase® is available in both mix and factory package for spot, panel and overall repairs. Select from a wide choice of solid, metallic and pearl colors, and a multitude of special-effect colors.
A productive acrylic urethane designed for spot, panel and overall repairs of OEM Single Stage finishes, both solids and metallics. It delivers good gloss and DOI, goes on easily and dries quickly.
A fast-drying, versatile acrylic enamel system, ideal for commercial vehicles, fleet maintenance, road machinery and equipment. Basecoats, topcoats and clearcoats for refinishing and OEM applications.
Benefits and Uses
Ideal for automobiles and general vehicle refinishing at a cost-effective price.
Imron Polyurethane Enamel
Top-of-the-line finish for trucks, commercial vehicles and specialy vehicles that demand unsurpassed gloss, durabilty and chemial resistance.
A palette of thirty-six special-effect ChromaSystem™ factory-packaged basecoat colors that use DuPont's revolutionary MIRROMETRIC™ technology.
A three-component clear for use on spot, multi-panel and overall repairs of OEM base/clear finishes. This clear is designed to increase production by maximizing vehicle throughput; and it offers excellent application, buffability and appearance under bake or air-dry processing conditions.
A portable, computerized color matching system that views and reads the actual car color, then transmits that reading into the ColorNet® computer system.
Computer software used for paint job costing, paint formula retrieval and VOC tracking for use in the automotive refinishing industry in Class 9.
A color retrieval solution built into ColorNet for Windows®. Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of vehicles made in 1997 or later, it selects the correct formula and the best formula alternate.


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