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    JA NASCAR Pool

The 2021 Johnston Autostores Nascar Pool can be found at

If you participated in our Nascar Pool last year, you will use the same username and password to login to the website. Please keep in mind, you still must "Join a Pool (League)" by following the instructions below. 

If you are a race fan interested in joining the fun, please go to To enter, click on "REGISTER!" and complete the information on the screen. Your "Member Name" will be your login and your "Password" will be your password for all future logins. 

Once you've entered your information, click "Sign me up!" Then click "Start your engines!" Once you have logged in, you can click "Join a Pool (League) - Valid Pool Code Required". Type the pool code of "CEN6921JOH", click "Validate." Click "Create your team" and enter your team name to join the Johnston Autostores pool. 

You can now select four drivers and click "Submit." There are no driver tiers again this year. Teams will be allowed to pick any four drivers from the drivers listed. Keep in mind, however, that a driver can only be used ten times throughout the 2021 racing season, so choose wisely. 

You are able to change your drivers up to an hour prior to the scheduled start of the races. Drivers can be changed by clicking "Change Team" on the "My Teams" tab of the website. 

A complete list of rules is available by clicking, "View Rules" on the "My Teams" tab of the website. Best of luck, and we hope you enjoy the upcoming Nascar season!

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